Customer Testimonials

Ladies custom 14ct gold & diamond ring lost for 2 yrs. in horse corral Dugald Mb .Dec. 2011

Satisfied Customer
"I wish I knew about this service 2 years ago"

14 ct. white/gold marquee diamond engagement ring, Birds Hill park beach in 3 feet of water, May 2010

"I am ecstatic you were able to find my ring, I will tell everyone about your excellent service"

lost 14ct. wedding ring while piling fire wood at farm in Fisher Branch Mb May 2010

"I cant believe I got my Ring back,I figured it was gone forever) Thanks L.J.R. for coming to my rescue."

Italian Gold bracelet, lost at Birds hill park beach volleyball pits Aug 2011

"Excellent service, came out to search for my bracelet within 2 hours and found it in 10 minutes"

4ct Gold wedding band found in 5 feet of water at Grand Beach Mb. July 2010, Ring was lost for a month before contacting L.J.R.

"My wife will never believe I got my ring back, I can barely believe it"

Wedding rings found in city park after picnic, Aug 2010


"Very professional and prompt response, I'm so glad that your service was available for me"

14 ct Gold wedding band, Birds Hill park beach in 4 feet of water, june 2012

"A thousand thank you's just are not enough, Great recovery job"

10 ct gold wedding band recovered from back yard after snowball fight Nov 2012

"time to get the ring sized, thanks L.J.R. for finding my lost ring"

925 Silver Ring found in front yard after snowball fight the night before. Nov 2012

"great service: I'll recommend you to any and everyone I know"

14ct. Gold wedding band lost while bagging leaves Oct 2012

"I've had this ring 49 years and I'm glad I'll have it at my 50th anniversary thanks to L.J.R.'s excellent service!

Lost her White/Gold wedding ring outside inlaws house while visiting from Edmontom Ab. Dec. 28th 12


L.J.R. truly made my christmas with the recovery of my wedding ring, I have a great story to take back home with me, Thanks a million L.J.R.

Recovered from Gull Lake Mb, 10k white/gold wedding band. The ring was lost while throwing the ball in 5 feet of water the week previous. Jason was delighted to have his wedding band safely back on his finger after losing it in 5 feet of murky water at Gull Lake Mb.It took 4 hours of pulling out several other targets with the Detector Pro Pirate to clear the path to a successful Ring recovery



Peter contacted LJR in regards to a lost set of very important keys, the keys included a "computer chip" for his Mazda 5 car and a slew of work and house keys as well as a motor cycle key. The keys were lost after Peter took his family for a day of fun tobogganing at a local hill slide. The keys must of came out of Peter's coat pocket while he was sliding down on the crazy carpet. It was a very intense search as LJR did not find the keys the first day of searching and the temperature was -36C. A wider more intense search was done the next day with positive results. The set of keys were found in a least likely spot but because we search outside of the area in question, the keys were found.

Peter with found keys


I couldn't believe that my lost ring was found, I had lost it in January in the snow while tobogganing and thought I would never see it again. I am fortunate to have found "lost jewelry recovery service" on the internet, Randall did an amazing job at finding my lost wedding ring that was purchased in Germany before I came to this country. Thank You !

Ina from GermanyIna from Germany


Thank you tremendously for the quick response to coming out and searching & finding my lost wedding ring, I will pass the word around about this awesome service...

Peter with Found ring


I contacted LJR on Tuesday and Randall responded right away, Randall recovered my lost wedding ring within an hour. "wow! unbelievable. Thanks Randall for the remarkable service, I will definitely refer your service to my family and friends

Michaelrecovered ring

Julie Heide

"I stumbled on your website after just recently losing my rings today at Kildonan Park, you came to my rescue and searched and found my lost wedding ring and I truly want to thank LJR for their prompt professional service and I will pass the word around about your "Lost Jewelry Recovery Service" Thanks LJR!"

JulieJulie with ring


"I'm so freakin "Impressed!" By having the best equipment for all types of terrain, asking "the right questions" about what may have been happening during the time frame in which I had lost my ring, and the years of experience in this field. Randall of LJR. found my ring within 4 minutes of arriving at my home and it was found where we had already searched several times before.I will tell everyone I know about this "fantastic" service. Thanks sooo much LJR."

JenellaJenellas Ring


" I lost my very important set of keys outdoors in the snow at my home and needed help to find them, I contacted LJR and Randall came out with his equipment & expertise to my house in terrible snowy weather and searched through all the snow and found my keys within 15 minutes, I can only tell you how pleased I was with your prompt service, your pleasant demeanor and your excellent finding skills. My goodness! You found those keys within minutes! We shoveled around for a couple of hours before you arrived and could not find them and I needed them so badly. Thank you so very much Randall."



Amber called LJR in regards to a lost wedding band outside her residence in the driveway area, the 10k Gold wedding band had fallen off her husbands hand as he exited the vehicle in their parking spot, and being night time he figured he would retrieve it the next day, It just happened to snow again that night and the ring had vanished from site.
"Randall from LJR showed up and recovered the gold wedding band within a couple of hours. As you can see by the smile on Amber"s face, she is totally impressed by L.J.R. and very glad to have the ring back. "

AmberAmber Ring


I learned several things one evening while playing outside with my son in the snow. 1. Wear gloves. 2. You can waste a lot of time attempting to find jewellery in the snow. 3. Basically, finding jewellery in the snow is almost impossible. 4. Don't let your kid 'help' look for said jewellery with his toy shovel. It's just a bad idea. Long/short, my rings fell off when I was brushing off my son's snow pants. 45 minutes later, I admitted defeat and started to think about options, other than waiting for Spring. After Googling 'rent metal detector', I found out there's a guy for that! Even better, that guy offered to come by that evening, found my rings within 20 minutes, and was professional, pleasant, and just so knowledgeable about his craft that I can't recommend him enough. LJR is THE only way to go if you have a mishap like I did - you will not be disappointed. Thank you, LJR!

RingsRingsRings on Fingers


I had lost my keys while out playing with my 2 kids at a community center, we had been playing on all the hills in the entire area that day and when we got back to the van to head home, I had "no keys" we search 2 days in a row with no success and a colleague from work told me about LJR (metal detecting service) so I gave them a call and Randall came out and found my keys within 2 hours, whew! saved me a bundle. Thank you soo much LJR.



Excellent service & quick responce to my call for help, I had my doubts but LJR came through and recovered my lost ring, This is a valuable service that all should know about! Thanks again LJR. .

Chris.pngChris's Ring.png


Travelling 150 miles to recover a lost vintage family ring was a "total success" for LJR & Terry after his lost ring was pulled from the murky waters of Spruce Woods Prov. Park Mb. Terry is one very happy client and thanks LJR for the dedication to the recovery service.

terryterry and randy


He lost his ring in early August and had already wrote it off as "lost forever" he was in dis-belief when I told him that I had found his ring and was also able to locate him to return it to.

MatthewMatthews ring


Lost Jewelry Recovery was amazing! They were very accommodating - they responded to my call right away and met me the following day, first thing in the morning and on a holiday! We discussed the process, and was very easy to talk to. Once there, he was able to find my ring within the hour. Will recommend to anyone who needs help to find their missing jewelry..



I was very sad when I lost the necklace that I've had now for 10 years given to me by my father. Randall came in today and recovered it, I couldn't have been more happy, A big "Thank You" to Lost Jewelry Recovery, for making my day brighter!

 Katiatou Katiatou


LJR was called out to the North End of Wpg in the cold late night to search for a set of vehicle & home keys lost while shoveling snow. Patty had done a neighbour a favor by shoveling her snow and somehow the keys slipped from her pocket and she shoveled them up onto the snowbank where they were buried. LJR searched for 1/2 hour and the keys were recovered.

 pic of keys

Happy Customer

A satchel of: Gold Bracelets, Rings, Chains, & Earrings all 22K Asian Gold, was recovered by LJR from a home, The satchel was hidden in the home months earlier and could not be found by the home owners. With metal detector in hand LJR searched & recovered the valuables worth well over $10,000.

Recovered Treasures


Savonah, who works for a House cleaning service had taken here (2) gold rings off and placed them into an envelope for safe keeping before doing some home cleaning, when the cleaning was finished Savonah's boss picked up the envelope for Savonah and left the home, she did not realize that the envelope was open on one end and (1) of (2) gold rings had slipped out somewhere in the snow from the home to the vehicle. LJR was called out and the Gold Ring was recovered for Savonah

Savonah with Ring


Many thanks for your professionalism and your persistence in locating my lost wedding ring. It is a "unique" piece made by a friend and I was devastated at the thought that I had lost it forever. "Truly Thankful"

BrandyBrandy Ring


After finding it impossible to find my girlfriend's "lost diamond earring" in the highgrass of the backyard, we gave LJR a call, and within 2 hours Randall responded to do a search. Randall found the lost earring within 20 minutes! I would recommend LJR to anyone who ever thought of renting a metal detector to try searching on their own for something very precious and sentimental. Many thanks LJR.



I had been planting my baskets and flower pots in May of this year and while mixing the soil, my gold ring came off and ended up in my flower pots or beds. This ring had much sentimental value to me as it was an anniversary gift. This fall, while checking out different metal detectors on line, I was informed that “Lost Jewelry Recovery” provided this service. I called Lost Jewelry Recovery that evening and Randall was able to come out the following day. It took him just over an hour to locate the ring. Very prompt and efficient service. Thank you, LJR.

Helen with her ringHelens ring


After leaving his driveway Shawn put his window down on his truck to brush the snow from the sill and his "Tungsten Wedding Ring" came flying off into the snow on the side of the road. After searching "hours for the lost ring himself" , Shawn contacted LJR and Randall came out and recovered Shawn's wedding ring within minutes. "Your my Hero" Shawn said as he couldn't believe the ring had been recovered from the deep snow.

Ring in the snowShawn Holding Ring


Mark contacted LJR 4 days after his wife had lost her "precious"14K white/gold diamond cluster wedding ring in a snowbank not far from their home. The ring had come off her finger and landed somewhere in the snow when she took her mitt off to gather the mail from the mailbox. Hard packed snowbanks and -29 Celsius temps made it a tough search but the ring couldn't hide from the Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector, Mark & his wife were very pleased to see the ring once again.



Alex had contacted LJR (Randall) to come and search for a lost "tungsten wedding ring". Alex had been pulling weeds in his Father-In-Laws flower bed and afterwards noticed that his wedding ring was missing from his finger. It had to be in the flowerbed but after Alex searched for over an hour he realized he needed "professional equipment & help", thus a phone call went out to LJR and within minutes Randall had recovered the lost ring for Alex.

Alex with ringAlex's ring


"LostJewelryRecovery" metal detecting service received a call from Allison today to come and search for a lost gold wedding ring. "Andrew" (Allison'e husband" had taken his gold wedding ring off and put it into his pocket before he engaged in play with his kids on the play structure at Birds Hill Park beach, somehow during his climbing on the play structure the ring had fallen out of his pocket and got buried under the sand, They tried tirelessly to sift through the sand with no results so a call went out the Randall at "Lostjewelryrecovery" and he came out and recovered the lost gold wedding ring for Allison and Andrew. "Happy Father's Day Andrew!"

Allison with ringAllison


After contacting LJR about Paul's lost wedding ring, Randall arrived at the site in Birds Hill park where the ring was lost on the beach, after a couple of hours searching the beach area the "White/Gold 14k wedding ring" was recovered near the children's play structures. Thank You very much for your prompt and professional service LJR.

Pauls ringPaul


Larry had contacted LJR about a "lost vehicle key",that had broken away from the key fob and landed somewhere in the front yard grass, after searching unsuccessfully, Larry contacted LJR and the lost key was recovered within a half hour and saved Larry a huge expense. I'm sure glad I contacted LJR, I will tell all my friends & family about this great service.

Larrys KeyLarry


"Went up the river 2 miles east of the Pine Falls dam to search for a lost white/gold with diamonds wedding ring. As Nicole was getting ready to do some water skiing she realized she still had her wedding rings on so she went to the side of the boat to slip them off and hand them to her son and the big ring slid off fast into 9 ft. of murky river water, there was at least 1 ft. of gucky sediment on the bottom. After the 2nd scuba diving attempt Christian who was using my Fisher 1280X water detector was able to detect the big ring and bring it back to Nicole. Nicole was 99% sure the"irreplaceable" custom made 3ct diamond ring was gone forever but "LostJewelryRecovery" metal detecting service proved her wrong."

Nicoles RingNicole with Randy and Other


"I was out at the local dog park and after removing my gloves to deal with my dog's waste, I noticed that my grandfather's mason ring was missing off my finger. I frantically searched where I had been walking my dog but with the fresh heavy snowfall I was unsuccessfulat finding the lost ring. I contacted LJR and Randall came out with his metal detector and recovered my lost gold ring within minutes. Thank you LJR for recovering my inherited heirloom ring."

TylerTyler's Ring


"On Jan 17th 2020, LJR gets a call from Kara in regards to a lost cell phone. Randall attended a Wpg residence to search for the lost phone in the deep snow just outside the residence, after searching the snowbanks out front of the home, the phone was recovered before being damaged by cold weather. -26C Winnipeg weather...15 minute search"

Kara with phone


"Nick called LJR to have us search for his lost keys, the keys were lost in the snow banks outside his home between his truck & house, he had search vigorously with no luck finding them. LjR showed up a d recovered his lost keys in minutes from the walkway snowbank."

Linsay with chain


"Today I did a ring search for a 94 year old lady "Valentina" that had lost her precious Gold/Opal? ruby ring outside her building 2 months prior during a snow squall. she had just got dropped off outside her bldg and headed towards the front door when she felt the ring slip off her wet finger and into the deep snow. Sylvia "her daughter contacted LJR and Randall showed up with his metal detector and 45 minutes later Valentina had that "precious" ring back on her finger forever."

Valentinas Ring


"Received a call from Debbie in regards to a "lost wedding band" seems as tho while "Dave" was dumping the grass clipping from the bagger off the riding mower into his trailer, his 14K white/gold wedding band must have come off amongst the trailer full of grass, had to empty most the trailer and scan each pile with the detector carefully until the ring was successfully targeted and pulled from the clippings. Dave & Debbie can breath easy once again, many thanks to "LJR"."


"Jon was married only 8 days when he lost his gold wedding band outside his house one evening, while friends gathered to celebrate his marriage. The boys were standing around a bonfire during the wee hours of the morning. Jon was talking with his hands, when he heard a ping which was the sound of his ring coming off his finger. The men searched the ground the next day with no luck, so they put the call out to LJR who came and searched not only the grassy area around the firepit and in the firepit after cooling. Low & behold there was the melted gold wedding ring. Not usable and hardly recognizable, the wedding ring was found. Unfortunately, sometimes the search ends up with a sad ending."


"Audray called LJR to come and search for a lost diamond engagement ring lost in his yard between his house and his neighbours under 2 feet of snow. The $8000.00 14k white gold diamond ring came off while bringing groceries into the house and got pushed around after shovelling the sidewalk before realizing the ring was lost. LJR spent about an hour until the metal detector rang out the sound of a good target and there under the coil of the detector was the shiny diamond ring. One very happy client."


"Recently did a recovery of an expensive silver chain lost in 4-5 feet deep at Grand Beach Mb. Linsay was swimming with friends when he dove under the water and felt his new silver chain come over his neck, he new he would never find the chain without the help of a metal detector and an experienced operator so he contacted LJR and the next day the silver chain was recovered successfully."


"While swimming at Grand Beach Mb with my 2 young children in 2-4 feet of water my 14k gold wedding band had un-noticly slipped off my finger and only after getting into the car I had noticed it missing. A friend had told me about LJR and I contacted Randall who came out and searched the area in the water and recovered my lost ring, Wow!"



"I was out hunting with my wife in sandyland late in November while we were out there i list my wedding ring in the snow, i looked at the area for 3 hours but couldn't find it in the snow we came home i tried calling around to see what it would cost me to rent a metal detector the prices were crazy after three weeks thats stumbled To a website with Randy's site saying he could find it i was kind of hesitant at first but the ring ment allot to me i went out with Randy to sandyland were i was hunting and with in 5 minutes he had found my ring buried under the snow i was so happy that my ring was found, all i can say is that Randy was very successful in finding my ring and very affordable , if you have lost anything that you want found this is the guy, once again thanks Randy for finding my ring."



"Devon had contacted LJR to have his sons " air pods" recovered. The tiny little white box was lost under 2 feet of snow in the backyard, must have fallen out of his pocket when the boys were playing in the snow. This little (but expensive) item was recovered in 1/2 hours time using the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector making Devon one happy client."



"After I lost my very expensive gold & diamonds ring outdoors in the fresh snow somewhere down my driveway, I called LJR to come and do a search for it. Randall attended and searched in places I never even thought of and before long my beautiful ring was recovered. Thank you Randall for your great recovery service, So glad there is a service like yours available. "

Brad with RingBrad's Ring


"Victoria had called LJR about a very special gold locket she had list at or around a local tot-lot. She wore the locket since childhood at it meant the world to her, the gold chain had broke while playing with her child and the locked was gone. LJR attended and searched & recovered the precious locket for Victoria."

Victoria locketVictoria with locket

Happy Client

"2 gold wedding rings dropped out of folding chair cupholder into the sand when leaving the beach. Recovered 150feet from where they were thought to be lost. Another very happy client."

Happy client June 2022 RingsHappy client


"Scott had his gold wedding band of 30 yrs slip off his finger while swimming in 5 ft of lake water. The ring fell down amongst the rocks at the lake bottom but LJR came to the rescue and recovered the lost ring using the Fisher 1280x metal detector."

Scotts ringScott

Oil drain plug

"It's not always a "lost Jewelry" search: LJR received a call to come out and search for a lost "oil drain plug" from a foreign dirt bike, the plug was lost 3 months prior in overgrown grass in the owners back field which was located 120 klms north of WPG. Mb. The owner tried several times to locate the lost plug without success. also he tried 5 new plugs but they didnt match threads to the foreign bike engine. 20 minutes of searching by LJR and the oil drain plug was recovered. Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector."

Oil drain plug pic 1Oil drain plug pic 2


"Kevin's wife fell on the snow path and her white/gold wedding ring came off into the 3 ft snowbank, after several unsuccessful searches, Kevin called LJR and after a short search, Randall was able to successfully recover the lost ring."

Ring in the snowKevin with Ring

Very happy customer

"Cell phone recovered by LJR, was lost in deep snow in front yard but couldn't hide from Randall on the metal detector."

phone found in snow

Happy customer

"My very valuable gold/diamond ring had come off when I had slipped and fell off my deck into deep snow, I contacted LJR late in the evening and Randall drove out immediately and started searching for the lost ring. 20 minutes later the ring was successful recovered and I was in dis-belief. What an excellent service. Thanks a million LJR."

Happy customer with ringRecovered ring

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